Handy Backup Server

Handy Backup Server 7.4

Server-based workstation backup software for enterprise networks of any size
7.4 (See all)

Handy Backup Server delivers a complete server-based network backup solution for small and medium business enterprises. The utility allows backing up and recovering data stored on both central server and remote computers. Workstation backup runs as Windows service, absolutely unnoticeable and not interfering with employees' work. Handy Backup Server supports files-based and image-based backup and allows backing up not only individual files and folders, but also creating drive image - backup operating system and all applications. All workstation backup tasks are fully automated and run with low system priority, what allows performing them during work hours. Comprehensible user interface provides easy step-by-step adjustment of Network Backup. Multi-threaded transfer engine, task scheduling, 10 levels of compression and 128-bit Encryption allow specifying backup tasks for very different needs. Capability to run as Windows service, e-mail notifications, command line interface and log file generation ease task management by system administrator. Full and incremental backup, drive image backup and the ability to manage open files on remote computers put Handy Backup Server above other workstation backup software. Besides common files and folders, the applications allows backing up MS Exchange and Lotus Notes/Domino data stored on remote workstation or the central server and ODBC-compatible databases on the server. Data transferred to the central server can be stored on the widest range of backup media: Handy Backup Server supports backup to FTP, SFTP, LAN, FireWire and USB hard/flash drives, CD, DVD, Blu-Ray, HD DVD and much more. Detailed online help is available. Centralized workstation backup, advanced backup plug-ins and an ability of fast system recovery distinguish Handy Backup Server from other network backup software and make it one of the best utilities for backup and recovery of the entire office network or a local server.

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